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Paying Too Much for Health Insurance?

A New and Premium Savings Health Insurance Policy is now available that allows you to use any licensed physician or accredited hospital with in-hospital and out-patient benefits.

"LOWER" your monthly premiums and "REDUCE" your deductible.

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(Premium Cost + Deductible = Out-of-pocket Expense)

Today's Health Insurance Premiums Have Continued to Increase

1. Individual Premiums have increased 99% since 2013
2. Family Premiums have increased 140% since 2013

INS/MARK is now offering a new Freedom of Choice health insurance plan that will lower your premium cost by 40% to 70% and lower your deductible to $400. This plan is available now and can replace your present policy if needed or if you did not enroll because of the excessive cost, then you may act now.

For a "no obligation" proposal and the state required outline of coverage, complete the Health Insurance Quote form below, or call 281-293-8292 in the Houston area, and all others are invited to call toll free 1-800-847-7503.

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