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INS/MARK has researched and provided members of Texas Association of REALTORS (Brokers and Agents) plus their families and employees with the best health insurance available for the past 32 years ... and will continue to provide the best plans at the best price.

Since the start date of INS/MARK in 1985, health insurance premiums, deductibles, and co-insurance have soared in costs that are prohibitive and beyond all reason. The period of the most dramatic changes and increases in cost started in 2013 when the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) came into law.

Consider these facts:

Average (ObamaCare) Health Insurance Premium Increases Since 2013

Individual premiums have increased by 99%
Family premiums have increased by 140%

Average Health Insurance Deductibles for Past 10 Years

Individual from 2008 ($2,084) to 2017 ($4,328)
Family from 2008 ($2,760) to 2017 ($8,352)

*The above taken from eHealth report in 2017

INS/MARK is now offering a new Freedom of Choice health insurance plan that will lower your premium cost from 40% to 70%, with a first year deductible of $400, a second year deductible of $200, and a third year deductible of $0 thereafter. Plus, you will have your choice of any licensed provider. A state required Outline of Coverage is sent with each proposal, which can be obtained by completing the Health Insurance Quote form below.

P.S. Today, we just received notification that another major health care company is cancelling all of their policies and will no longer participate in the individual health market. We can help you!

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